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Ageing in Balance

The aim of Ageing in Balance (AiB) project is to develop a new solution for preventing falls of older adults, by taking into account wide range of different factors.

Ageing in Balance -project aims at creating a process and technologies for covering the full chain of fall risk management, starting from fall risk assessment, fall risk result, preventive recommendations, care plan, and interventions for fall prevention. As the resources of societies are reducing, the importance of individuals to take more responsibility of their own health is rising and the project aims to give solutions also for self-management of fall risk. Fall prevention, in addition of cost savings, improves quality of life of older persons, brings peace of mind to their relatives and significant others and reduces the need of care.


The aim of Ageing in Balance (AiB) project is to develop a new solution for preventing the falls of the older adults, which would reduce the costs produced by the falls and increase the quality of life of the older people. The solution will include two aspects: assessing the fall risk and preventing the falls. The fall risk assessment tools will include full-scale professional assessments and also short assessments, which can be used for self-assessments or by care professionals. The prevention tools will consist of physical and cognitive exercises and also environmental guidance.

Expected results and impact

The result of the project will include technologies for fall risk assessment; tools for professional use and self-assessment -tools for older users, and fall prevention software for older users to motivate behaviour change. Preventing the majority of falls would save a lot of money and improve and prolong the good quality of life of ageing adults. Falls, especially among the elderly, result in high costs for care and rehabilitation for the western type of societies.

Fall risk management framework covering the whole process